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Simple Banana Smoothie

Sweetness is a soul quality.  Sweetness is a quality of the soul. Babies and little children embody and emanate that sweetness. We love sweetness –

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About ‘Kripāmaya Mentoring’

“We, the human race, prioritize money over well-being, and that’s disturbing. Maximizing profits, minimizing what it costs but that is always a cost. That cost

Articles, Awareness, Life-questions

Life and Death

Is there any connection between life-affirmation, fear of death, and immune power? Oh, yes. Fear of death can be an underlying stressor in the subconscious,

Articles, Eating Psychology

Holding onto your fridge

Humor is so important to survive difficult periods in life! It can be our savior, literally. It is also said that when you are able

Articles, Healthy Lifestyle

Why and how to slow down for eating

Did you know that fast eating as such is considered by the brain as stress, and puts our system into stress-response state? I want to


It is ok to rest

Don’t be afraid to realize sometimes you need silence, sometimes you need to close all the windows and rest in pin-drop silence. No matter what

Nature, Poems

The “Jungle” and the River of my Childhood

The “Jungle” and the River of my Childhood as felt under five years of age   The huge, giant trees the dense, tall undergrowth my