Simple Banana Smoothie

Sweetness is a soul quality. 

Sweetness is a quality of the soul.

Babies and little children embody and emanate that sweetness.

We love sweetness – that’s natural!


Try this natural mood enhancing yumminess (my friends) – it will definitely cheer you up!

  • Banana (nice yellow, ripe)
  • a pinch of (freshly) ground cardamom seed
  • 4 oz/near a cup of/1 dl of rice milk (naturally sweet)
  • 1 tsp of ground flax seed (or other seed)

Blend it well, pour into a nice glass, sit down, drink it slowly, close your eyes, enjoy and give gratitude – ahh, ‘Annam-Brahma’!  (‘Food is God’ in Sanskrit)

Kripāmaya A.K.
Holistic Mentor, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

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