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“Dear Kripāmaya,

I know from my many conversations with you, that you are a warm-hearted woman with strong empathy and understanding for the needs of others. Your knowledge of mind-body nutrition is rooted in life-wisdom and love. You can facilitate insight, orientation and development in challenging times. I highly recommend you as a coach.”

Dr. med. Franziska Schindler
Family Physician, Naturopath, Berlin

“Dear Kripāmaya,

I turned to you in a life-situation while I was going through difficult times . I was full of doubts and uncertainty. There was too much pressure on me, and I wanted to regain my confidence. I wanted to see clearly what I should do to understand what is going on around me and not to stress so much.

When we met, I felt the energy that flooded from you. I felt very pleasant. I felt a kind of calm. I got an important realization after our first meeting, after clearing and talking. As I said goodbye to you, the tasks to be solved came immediately, and I was calm and was able to solve or do things smoothly. I felt a sense of liberation and lightness, and it still lasts.

Things are going more easily, and whatever comes up, I’m not as distressed as before. I am more positive, optimistic, and now it doesn’t come to my mind that something will fail. In that particular case, I became much more persistent. Although sometimes it is difficult, it is easier to accept, and I quickly discover what I have to experience.

I can say that one can feel calm in your sheer presence. There’s some peace in you that is coming from you. And during the clearing, there was a point when suddenly something so heavy disappeared!

Your kindness is also soothing, and I felt that I received full attention. This was very important to me. In your company, one can feel that one can trust you. I recommend everyone who wants to learn how to focus on their inner voice to contact you, to look a little inward, to listen to their intuition and their feelings.”

Roxana (26)

“Healing with Kripāmaya:

Already at the first meeting, it was clear the kind of attention, patience, and acceptance she was mapping my current state out with. The harmony and love that emanates from her, her mere presence, creates a space in which I can open up with full confidence. Kripāmaya emanates a reassuring, soothing delicacy. We all long for this secretly so that we can be part of it, and stay in it even after having lived with our deeply buried injuries. After all, their impact is still with us today.

Applying her extensive knowledge, she (we) revealed the root causes of my troubles in the past. Using her deep empathy and intuition, she used the most appropriate methods and provided the most appropriate guidance. Meanwhile, she’s guiding me towards an incredibly exciting journey.

Until the next meeting, I have a series of exciting discoveries that we will discuss at the next meeting. All my new recognitions and successes are welcomed with honesty and radiant joy. This gives me further inspiration to continue my inner discovery. Upon her encouragement, I now continue my inner search with joyful enthusiasm…

During the “homework” given to me, the secrets of the past were revealed between two meetings and my strange, often hurtful or even innocuous, seemingly insignificant experiences were temporarily coming into focus. The effects of these memories on me, we cleared in the session. Endowed with new patterns, equipped with new hopes and increasing awareness, we (mentees) can proceed on this special path of healing and self-discovery.

Kripāmaya is our companion on the road if we are weakened, uncertain or groping in the dark. Her loving, wise guidance lights as a lantern to finally reaches the coveted goal of healing, and leads to a more responsible, more independent, more confident, happier, more harmonious, and loving life.

I wish more people could have have similar experiences.”

Ibolya Racz
Kindergarten teacher, Budapest

“I thank Kripāmaya for all the wonderful (inner) experiences I receive during each session and the attention and care she offers, which helps me to find my real self.”

“I feel and experience it, as the much-awaited change slowly begins. I’m calmer, more confident, hopeful, and I have started believing in myself, in my opportunities, and in life again.  …  Thank you for your support and for helping me through a very difficult time in my life!!!”

“Thank you for helping me process my mother’s departure and being able to save myself from a difficult financial situation.

I work a lot, but it is very good for me physically and mentally. I’m constantly losing weight and I’m very happy …”

Eva Csendes (55)
Gyor, HU

“I first turned to Kripāmaya in 2016 at a time when I lost my older sister to cancer and found myself facing serious family affairs and difficulties, on top of my grief. I also had health problems, and I found it particularly difficult to make decisions and confront the situations I was faced with. We used Spiritual Response Therapy and Kripāmaya as a mentor, emotionally and in every respect supported me.

Since I live in Szolnok, we usually met on the phone, but this was not a problem at all.

From the beginning I had a very positive experience. During the sessions there was light, peace and harmony in me. I felt a delicate energy-flow, happy tranquility and security, and I experienced the blessings of divine care again and again. I was able to recall this feeling and experience it at any time between the two meetings. I felt much better physically and energetically as well. I felt recharged, stronger and more resilient.

Sometimes I was struggling with my fears and uncertainties, but the way Kripāmaya uses the exploratory-healing conversation and the SVT, is great.

Since then, I have been able to spend my days with more confidence and fulfillment. I live my life more consciously. When the pitfalls come, I recognize them sooner, I pay more attention to myself, and as if from a higher perspective, I could see the negative, challenging situations, and I would not go into it.

Since then, with the guidance of Kripāmaya, I have been much more consciously applying the spiritual discoveries and the fruits of my meditation practices, so needed for a positive lifestyle.

I sincerely wish that as many people as possible may experience the wonderful experiences of personal growth into self-confidence and self-awareness.”

Retired High School Teacher, Szolnok, HU

“I was fortunate to experience the Spiritual Response Therapy (SVT), by Kripāmaya some months ago. I had been struggling with various problems, the selling of my house, family, and I was having psychological problems. All these hindered my affairs, and I became ill.

I have an old friendship with Kripāmaya, and I complained to her. She offered her help without hesitation and conducted the first therapy over the phone. In me, the inhibitions were quickly dissolved, and I felt more and more liberated day by day, and things have started moving in the right direction.

I was impressed by the efficiency, the fluency, the proficiency and the practicality with which she worked. A few sessions were enough to get myself on the right track. Several of my acquaintances turned to Kripāmaya and also experienced the blessingful effects of the SVT that was felt and was visible on them.

I am grateful to have such a girlfriend who keeps training herself in order to always be of better service to others.”

Ms. Margit Cseh, Smita
Retired, Budapest

“A dear acquaintance has recommended Kripāmaya to me.

By the end of the first meeting I was already inundated with calmness. That time we applied Spiritual Response therapy (SVT). During the session I felt as my shoulders had been freed from heavy weights of bricks. The next day, one of my long-continued (ongoing)  conflicts began to loosen up, and my inner storms started to cease.

I usually tell Kripāmaya about my problem, and she looks for the root cause, and she asks for release and to clear the blocks away, which I am able to feel right away. She gives me home work assignments, which also have good effects on me.

We applied the Emotional Freedom Technique as well, and it surprised me that in 20-30 minutes, how much tension I got rid of.

I am happy to have found Kripāmaya, because a positive change is taking place in my life.

Thanks and gratitude to her and the methods she applies.”

K. Zsuzsa
Borsod County, HU

“This is the method that can change your life.

Kripāmaya seems to be working on a higher level. She is very well aware of the secrets of the soul, the revealing of which has made a profound change in my life. Walls are falling, and many doors have opened. I wouldn’t have thought before that this could happen to me.

For me, the presence of Kripāmaya is very positive. Especially during our meetings, I felt that what she said it had power. It’s hard to explain. You have to call her and talk to her so that you can also experience what I’m trying to describe here.”

Kati B. (54)
(I applied SVT and EFT with her, combined with Mind Body Eating Coaching)

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