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In an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, you can feel safe to open up.

As a confidant and a friend, I will stand by you in your endeavors and attempts.
You can count on my good sense of humor and discretion.
No matter how small your success is on the way, we will celebrate it.

Believe it-, a day will come soon, when you will always find something to celebrate.

With your active participation

The more you desire the change, the more you are ready to try and experiment, to embrace newness, and participate, the more gift you will discover on the way, the sooner you will reach your goals. I will give you personalised homework assignments, inspiration, encouragement and easy-to-apply tools and methods – at your pace! – to enable yourself to find your health, harmony and joy in your being. 

With my dedicated service

For your greatest good – in a safe, confidential, accepting atmosphere with my undivided attention without judging or analyzing. I am committed to assisting you in recognising and advancing toward your greatest goals.


What do I offer? How is it different?

  • A free 20-30-minute consultation without commitment in order to explore your needs
  • For your convenience we can work together on the phone, online or in person
  • Get a complete picture  our first meeting includes a thorough and careful conversation of at least 90 minutes to get to know your personality as well as past and present circumstances
  • Unique as you are  you will get customized, unique guidance and tasks
  • Easy to follow I teach you easy to follow and implement Body-Mind Nutrition strategies
  • Help if you get stuck  I offer a free 10-15 minute free phone consultation between two meetings
  • Full discretion I treat what was said at the meetings with the greatest discretion

What makes my mentoring service unique?

  • My distinctive, up-to-date qualifications;
  • My deep empathy, and intuitive, creative thinking;
  • My own journey for healing;
  • My practice in and passion for teaching and education;
  • My ability to share my knowledge and experience in a usable/applicable way;
  • More than seventeen years of life and work experience abroad in an international, multicultural environment;
  • My world travels;
  • My own spiritual journey and thirty plus years of practicing meditation;
  • Respecting the Universal Laws in my way of living and working;
  • My goal for you, that you see a greater picture, and reach your goals as soon as possible

The Main Methods I Use During My Work

  • My work combines the powerful fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. The skills I use from my Training are a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented positive psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind-body science, and a soulful and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health.

Mind-Body Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology – a new and uplifting approach to nutrition, food, body, and our relationship to ourselves.

Dynamic Eating Psychology affirms the primary importance of this relationship. It sees our challenges with eating, weight, and health not as an indication that we’re broken, but as a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

  • Exploratory, insight-giving conversations

Having a conversation in a safe, confidential, accepting atmosphere with a person who gives us full attention without judging or analyzing what we say, but asks such questions that while answering them we may receive insights, and may come to realize something – has a healing power, an inner self-regulatory effect, in itself. 

  • As optional, additional methods, I also apply Spiritual Response Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique with excellent results.

Both of these can very effectively accelerate your progress and boosting self-healing mechanism by clearing the residue of past traumas, blocks, discordant energies and limiting beliefs.


No two people are the same

Each of us has a unique, fascinating, and ever-changing relationship with food.

Our metabolism is unique, so are our circumstances, eating habits, genetics, personality, our beliefs, experiences, career pressures, favorite foods, family dynamics, and even our microbiome (gut bacteria). Therefore I work with each one of my clients in a unique way depending on their own challenges, stories and greater goals.

Let’s start by a free 30-minute phone conversation or video call to find out how we can work together.

Online reservation

Book your session here. We will confirm your reservation via email.

Please mention your current time zone or the country you are contacting from.

Thank you!

We take care of your personal data with utmost care, as we would take care of our own personal data.


WHAT IS Dynamic Eating Psychology Coaching and Holistic Mentoring with me?

  • Your personalized private workshop.
  • Your professionally and lovingly assisted journey to a more complete self-knowledge, greater awareness, self-healing, and personal fulfillment.


  • Not a Quick Fix
  • Not Psychotherapy
  • Not a Weight-loss Diet Program
  • Not Dieting

In my Holistic Mentoring practice, I provide you with a program that serves your whole being, the harmonious alignment of the body, mind, heart, and soul. This integrative approach can lead to true healing.

The truth is

that I have a big oneness-heart.

In my heart, I share in your sorrows. That’s for sure.
Then, my main faculty is cheerfulness. To see the sunny side of things as well. To see the humorous side as well, AND to make YOU see that as well. So, perhaps I should say that my favorite method is smile and laughter. For, I am here to encourage you.


is the
to become
in life.”

does not believe
in a failure-life.”

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