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As a coach and mentor, I serve you with all my attention, deep empathy, all my knowledge and my rich life experience. I offer you inspiration, encouragement and easy-to-apply tools and methods to enable yourself to find your health, harmony and joy in your being.

There was a time

There was a time when I would give everything to someone who could help me with my physical health, and the sadness deep inside me. I felt as if my life was at stake, and when the help came and the positive changes began to unfold, it was clear to me that it was not possible to express my thanks and gratitude in numbers or in monetary values.

As someone who…

… had struggled over decades with digestive issues and its consequences, I understand very well the tremendous effort it takes just to stay afloat, to “look normal” and to keep up with others. A million times the question echoed in my mind ,”Why? Why? Why?”

Sometimes I wished to have never had a perfect, light, clear, energetic, empowered day, so that I would not have the frustration of the comparison with my disabled, sickish days.

But in truth, the memories of those “perfect” days, and the sometimes better days, had supplied me with the faith and strength to strive for improvement. At least for a long time …

Then the ‘dark hour of the soul’ – as they say – came when I wanted to give up. ‘I am throwing in the towel’, I said to God or the Universe, many times. Too many times I felt as if life itself pinned both my shoulders to the mat. I couldn’t surrender. I prayed to die.

My prayers were not answered. (I haven’t been granted with that boon.) I always woke up in the morning. And my love for life was a thousand times renewed. Sometimes only a tiny flame of hope was left there for me, just enough to survive another day. The daily torment of Prometheus and Sisyphus I felt was going through so many times.

If not for meditation and prayer, and my inborn faith that I am here for a purpose, I certainly would not be here. If not for regarding myself as a soul, as an evolving consciousness, I would certainly not be here.

And even if cried rivers onto my pillow and asked to not wake up in the morning anymore, somewhere deep, deep, deep inside, I knew that my plea would not be granted.

For I know so very well that WE ARE HERE TO BLOSSOM in our uniqueness.

I have never believed in suffering. Never. And even if I went through many experiences like that, I was determined to break the “spell”.

When you have a problem with your body, you go to see a doctor, a physician. If you are not satisfied with his/her opinion, treatment, and the result, and the problem keeps coming back, and you don’t see any constructive, creative approach to your symptoms, you need to start your own exploration, your own journey in search for health, balance and joy. Then you will learn things about yourself that you feel, you should have been taught in the primary school.

Therefore I have dedicated myself to raising awareness on holistic health and self-care, to prevent and end unnecessary sufferings, and inspire, assist those who seek solution to their problems at a deeper and higher level.


Main qualifications

Certified Mind Body Eating / Eating Psychology Coach 2018, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Colorado, USA
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200 hrs TT Program
2015, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio, San Diego, CA, USA
Spiritual Response Therapy (I-II), Practitioner
2014, 2016, Spiritual Response Association
The Reconnective Healing(I-II), Practitioner
2010, The Reconnection, by Eric Pearl
Diploma in Psycho-pedagogy (4 years Training College)
1991, B.G. Training College, Budapest, HU
The SILVA Methode 2-day Ultra (Healing) Seminar
1991, by Rosa Rivas
The SILVA Methode – Mind Control I – II., 

A short Bio

I am a Hungarian national, born in 1964 as an innovative, free spirit. I regard myself as a world citizen.

I am a psycho-pedagogue by training, specializing in educational psychology and later eating psychology and spiritual psychology. For 15 years I have worked in relation with the United Nations (one of my childhood dreams), in Geneva, Switzerland, as Personal Assistant to Ambassadors, Permanent Representative of Nepal and then of South Africa to the United Nations Office in Geneva, from 2000 to 2015. Since 2018, I have been working as a trained Helping Professional. I founded ‘Kripāmaya Mentoring’ as a solo-entrepreneur to offer my products and services to the world.

I have traveled to many, many countries, and -besides Hungary- I lived in Switzerland, USA, and Austria. Presently, I live again in Vienna, Austria. My mother tongue is the unique Hungarian and I speak English and French.

I am passionate about healthy living, holistic well-being, expanding into higher consciousness, and empowering women. My hobbies are reading, writing, nature walking, cooking, food photography, and of course, traveling.

Having spent decades of learning, studying, self-education, a healing journey, and owning a rich, colorful life experience – now, following my heart’s call and enthusiasm, I am at your service to support you in creating a new chapter in your life.
If you want, this chapter will be about food-freedom, stress-freedom, and self-discovery for the joy of life.

You don’t have to do it alone.
You can shorten the path to your goals and wellbeing.
Don’t forget, you came here to bloom and blossom.

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Here, I wish to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to my parents, my “unofficial” godparents, friends, lovers, teachers, Masters and Avatars, and all those wonderful people, all the many kinds of health practitioners, writers, poets, musicians, artists, scientists, innovators, pioneers, I have met over the long years, as well as the medical doctors who saved my life in 1975 and 2012, along with Mother Nature, for supporting me on my journey and encouraging me to go on, to persevere, and to share the insights I gained and the pearls of my ceaselessly rekindled zest for LIFE. And above all to my eternal friend, Sri Chinmoy, the secret and sacred agent in the central spark of my soul.

Thank you