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Holistic Life &
Health Mentoring

For a life of well-being

Healthy · Worthy · Sacred

You are at the right place,

  • if you want to take your wellbeing in your own hands and you need clear, simple guidance, 
  • If your heart is aching for something more, something that is lofty and sacred,
  • if you feel like being sick, but no-one can tell you what is the problem,
  • If you feel being different, and just don’t know how to fit in,
  • if you are looking for real, sustainable solution to your challenges with eating, digestion, fatigue, sensitivity, stress and life as such.

Hi, I am Kripāmaya, a Holistic Well-being Mentor

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
Dipl. Psycho-Pedagogue
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

I am here to inspire, encourage, and work with you to identify your natural, lasting solutions to stress, digestive, dietary and other concerns and to teach you how to take care of your health and general well-being in a soulful, uplifting way.

I help people like you

stress eating, emotional eating, overeating, body weight, food craving, chronic dieting, meal skipping, fighting appetite, low energy, fatigue, digestive issues, and more.

I also help

with challenges such as:
mood issues, sensitivity, lack of self-confidence, sadness, grief, loss of inspiration, stress, activity management, as well as the assimilation and integration of near death experiences (NDEs).

I can teach you


and bring about lasting results, make a change that can allow beautiful changes to come into your life beyond your expectation.

I assist you


to appreciate yourself, to find your voice, to get your enthusiasm back, to reconnect with your inner resources from where you can give and embrace life again.


  • could feel better in your skin and be calmer and more confident;
  • have more energy, and  know how to relax and when to rest;
  • know what to eat to feel stronger, to think clearer;
  • enjoy your meals and have no fear of food;
  • help your body find its ideal state without starving it, or constantly counting calories;
  • have new habits that are serving your self-esteem;
  • receive more love and appreciation in all area of your life;
  • are more effective and successful in your professional life ;
  • access your talents and potentials …

… for the joy of your own self and of the world

Are you ready to open a new chapter in your life and write this chapter about making your life worthy and sacred?

You don’t have to do it alone.

You can shorten the path to your goals and wellbeing.

Don’t forget, you came here to bloom and blossom.

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“Your knowledge of mind-body nutrition is rooted in life-wisdom and love. You can facilitate insight, orientation and development in challenging times.

I highly recommend you as a coach.”


“I’m calmer, more confident and I start believing in myself, in my opportunities and life again.
Thank you Kripāmaya.”


“I recommend everyone to contact you who want to learn how to focus on their inner voice, how to look a little inward, how to listen to their intuitions and their feelings.”


“Already at the first meeting, it was clear the kind of attention, patience, and acceptance she was mapping my current state out with. The harmony and love that emanates from her, her mere presence, creates a space in which I can open up with full confidence.”