It is ok to rest

Don’t be afraid to realize
sometimes you need silence,
sometimes you need to close all
the windows
and rest in pin-drop silence.

No matter what time it is
Lie down on the floor or on your mat or carpet
with your open arms,
allow your body to rest,
your skin to breathe.

Just let yourself sink into the flat
and pleasantly hard floor,
feel your spinal cord even out,
lift your chest a little,
then relax, and
allow all your rhythm to slow down.

It is OK to stop doing things and chores.
It is OK to rest in stillness and
in complete tranquility.
It is OK to allow your system
to take care of itself by letting it
press the reset button,
as you gently surrender.

No, you are not lazy.
This is not idleness.
When you are following a strong, irresistible urge
to withdraw from all activities,
10-15-20 minutes of recharging …
will give your system a new start.
You will be ready for action again.

But for now, don’t think –
Just allow the rest

Kripāmaya A.K.
Holistic Mentor, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

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