Why and how to slow down for eating

Did you know that fast eating as such is considered by the brain as stress, and puts our system into stress-response state?

I want to inspire you with my short essay to slow down for eating.

The food consumed soulfully, slowly, in a pleasant environment is much better metabolized by the body. The wonderfully complex bio-physiological effects of eating and digesting greatly influence, if not determine, our physical, mental and emotional state.

DOESN’T IT MATTER whether we are tired or energetic, patient or explosive, trusting or worried, confident or anxious? It does. Right? Often this is “just” due to WHAT and HOW we eat and what is going on in the gut.


I slow down to watch my breath. I slow down to focus my attention on my body.

I slow down to let my brain and nervous system deal with my body and the breath only. I slow down to slow down the flow of stimulus from the environment toward and into me, and to allow my body to deal with itself now.

I slow down to allow myself to prepare for the meal, I’m going to eat.

I’ll eat because I’m hungry. I’ll eat it because it’s time to eat. I will eat to nourish my body, to provide my organism with nutrients from which it maintains, builds, and renews itself so that I can move, dream, create, serve and play, laugh and embrace. 

I slow down because the Creator dreamed, designed and created our organism in a way that when it eats, it should only eat. When the body eats, then it may engage all the senses and delight in the food: its scent, colors, texture, temperature, taste, savor, all the flavors, and their effects on it – for the fullest benefit.

I will also eat because eating brings pleasure. This is also designed so. And then, after eating the food in the right amount with nutritious ingredients, paying attention to it, I get a feeling of satisfaction. This is also designed so. 

That is why when we ate well and the meal really pleased us, we lean back in our chair and say, “THIS WAS DIVINE!“ Thank you very much.

Kripāmaya A.K.
Holistic Mentor, Certified Eating Psychology Coach

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