A boy trying to master his hunger

About hunger

HUNGER, in its natural form, is one of the indicators of our body’s miraculous signaling system.

  • Have you ever tried to suppress your hunger without a serious reason?
  • Do you feel upset or scared when your hunger shows up?
  • Do you wish to eat, but you limit yourself or
  • Control yourself?
  • Do you eat, though you are hungry for love and appreciation?

It can indeed be very frightening when hunger shows up. Especially if, for any reason, someone desperately wants to

  • keep a certain body weight or
  • lose some excess weight,
  • struggling with emotional eating,
  • overeating,
  • binge eating or
  • struggling with digestive issues.

I know the situation very well and I understand you.

The body’s hunger is a physiological sign, asking for nutrients that are necessary for our organism to sustain itself. The extraordinary and wonderful complexity of this system requires natural building blocks and natural fuels in order to be able to serve us – the souls – to grow, experience, express and evolve.

Natural hunger is coordinated by the bio-circadian rhythm.

The disrupted hunger

We have to pay attention and learn the difference between natural, genuine hunger, and the hunger disrupted due to a

  • hectic and/or erratic lifestyle,
  • frequent meal skipping,
  • over-consuming highly processed food and drinks loaded with synthetic chemicals,
  • overuse of refined sugar and salt,
  • prescription medications,

and other factors.

Even if it is disturbed, and for you its appearance is disturbing, don’t blame your hunger! Try not to blame your body for getting hungry.

You can have peace with your body, mind, and food. Just like I have today.


Let me help you with this!

With Love, Kripāmaya 


Nourish your body, nourish your soul, nourish your spirit
– and you will reach any goal!


Kripāmaya A.K.
Holistic Mentor, Certified Eating Psychology Coach


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