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Take Charge of Your Health

5-week long Holistic Lifestyle Class
with daily self-care guide

Live foundational class


I am Kripāmaya – Holistic Wellbeing Mentor and inspirational coach. 

I help women to transform their traumas and limiting beliefs, to become self-empowered and committed to their wellbeing in a holistic way. I work in one-on-one and group sessions, both in private and corporate settings. When with groups, I like working in workshop formula, giving opportunity for interaction and   real, live experiences.

I invite you now to my live foundational class on holistic health to show you, that


healthy lifestyle can be cool and fun!

This class is for you

If holistic lifestyle is new to you then you will receive and practice ample practical information and exercise to enable you to embark on a holistic lifestyle journey.

Perhaps you are already experimenting with and trying out different things with the intention of a more natural, alternative approach for your wellbeing.

Then you will receive a comprehensive guide to organize your knowledge and practices to enable you to maintain your good habits.

This class is for you

  • If you want to take charge of your health and you need support to learn what is good for you. 
  • If you want to integrate and stick to healthy habits and possibly without restrictions and limitations.
  • If you feel an urge to explore meditation and soul connection because you have recognized that there is a connection between your sense of wellbeing and your self-awareness.
  •  If you wish to change your body shape and are happy to look for help in the field of natural alternative options (instead of consuming weight loss pills of dubious origin).
  • If you know that you have a certain health condition and that change is needed, but not sure how to start, where to start.

Here and now!

Let’s start right here and right now.

Enroll in the 5-week long class 

to bring freshness and more clarity into your life.


Let’s start right here, and right now.
Enroll in the 5 week long class to bring freshness and more clarity into your life.

Learn and practice

BODY – recognize, prevent and heal many of the imbalances that lead to disease. Tune into your body’s natural healing abilities.

MIND – use the power of your mind to support the body’s ability to self-heal and release any limiting thoughts and believes. Work through any fears and anxieties holding you back.

HEART / EMOTIONS – know the role emotions play in the whole-person approach to healing. Embrace gratitude and release toxic emotional patterns and responses.

SPIRIT / SOUL – perform spiritual “housekeeping” and dive deeper into self-exploration. Understand the true nature of your soul and balance your energy centers for total mind-body awareness.

INTEGRATION & meditation – integrate the different aspects of your being and, use the available tools and methods, deepen your loving relationship to your self (aka yourself) with meditation practices

What is IN your package?

5 x 90 min classes with

  • Homework assignments
  • Printout materials, downloads
  • Guided meditation exercises
  • 5×1 midweek 60 min check-in, Q&As
  • Private Facebook Group


Save 50 Euros by registering today
295 Euros 245 Euros only

It’s time to update our views and toolkits regarding health,
immune power and wellbeing.

Healthy lifestyle can be cool and fun.

Choose your class schedule, A or B, most convenient to you:

Class A: on Saturdays, starting on September 18, 11:00 AM CET (Paris, Vienna time)

Class B: on Tuesdays, starting on September 21, 07:00 PM CET (Paris, Vienna time)

  • I will give you ideas and tips on what can you do to become stronger and more independent in taking care of yourself,
  • I will teach you how to take proactive steps for your general wellbeing,
  • I will give you the key to how to maintain your healthy habits.


Register now and save 50 Euros
295 Euros
245 Euros only

About your host

Kripāmaya inspires and teaches people to look at their lives from a higher perspective and to allow love and creativity inspire their choices and decisions.

With her formal studies, diploma in psycho-pedagogy, certifications, decades of learning, self-education, self-healing, and a colorful, rich life experience, guided by inner commitment and enthusiasm she is working now as a full-time Holistic Mentor.

She started adult education in 1991 when she taught her own 36-hour training material to newly and recently assumed self-employed fellows. Teaching foundational skills of communication, basic knowledge of psychology and negotiation techniques, telephone communication, self-knowledge as well as other related practical skills.

She also worked as Personal Assistant to United Nations Ambassador Permanent Representatives at the Permanent Mission of Nepal and then at the Permanent Mission of South Africa to the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland from 2000 to 2015.

She has been practicing Integral Yoga, a combination of meditation, sports, music and spiritual-philosophical literature, since 1994.

Kripāmaya has been offering lectures and classes on meditation, and healthy, spiritual lifestyle since 1995, in the US and Europe.

Her goal and purpose is to encourage and empower others to bring out their best from within.

Why Now?

To practice your new skills, to befriend, and establish your new habits, so by the time of winter is coming, you will feel stronger, more centered, your immune system will be more alive, and your wellbeing start flourish … The sooner the better.

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