Holistic Self-care

What is your choice?

We make several choices at every minute, whether we are aware of them or not. All these choices, little or big ones, are steering the wheels of our life. Our mind, body, heart and soul are thirsty for alignment and our conscious participation for a thriving life.

What direction you wish to take? What is your goal?

Where are you heading to?

Take a minute of self-reflection…

In our personal and professional life small or big choices, decisions every day we make. These effect not only our life but of all those around us. Whether family members, whether colleagues, co-workers, employees or members of a whole society, can all benefit from our physical, mental, emotional fitness, clarity and harmony.

Do you take time to take care of yourself? Your peace, your energy, your clarity, your health?

YOU ARE IMPORTANT for all of us.

By developing self-awareness and soulful practices we can reduce stress response and make healthier choices.

Take that minute of self-reflection…

In our fast paced lifestyle, it might be good to stop for a moment and think about our expenses in relation to our health, strength and wellbeing: Do we actually SPEND or INVEST when it comes to our nourishment, the food we eat, the drinks, liquids we drink, the news we listen to, the magazines we read, the movies we watch, the concerts we go to, the activities we pay for?

ON THE LONG RUN, all and everything has a great effect on our life, and can have a beneficial effect, a less beneficial or a detrimental effect. If you just follow the most popular commercials, and pick up the most easily available items placed near the cashier, if you regularly use vending machines, because it is “so practical”, then please, just for a moment, stop and think about the quality of your daily “little” expenses. How do you use your freedom to choose?

For we have the choice to SPEND our money on fancy-packaged lifeless, processed, or nearly completely synthetic food, cool-to-drink colas and energy-drinks, products loaded with toxic ingredients, on low quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, painkillers, conventional medicines & therapies, medical examinations, private physicians, surgeries, hospitalization, professional nurses, and so on.


INVEST our money in our health and wellbeing, quality food, real food, unprocessed food, quality live nutrients, learning healthy lifestyle tips, strategies, meditation, mindfulness, sporting, yoga or other ancient energy work classes, maintenance bodywork, excursions, traveling, sauna, swimming. In healthy-happy lifestyle workshops and classes, natural restoration, a SPA treatment, self-improvement, personal growth, like Holistic Health Mentoring, Mind-Body-Eating Coaching, Life Coaching and others.

YES, we can invest our money in good “maintenance”, personal growth, and in hobbies that are vehicles for creative self-expression and fun…

Don’t hesitate, don’t delay. Our life’s quality depends on whether we keep spending and repairing OR investing and enjoying.

Life is so precious.

What is your choice?

In case you have any, you can unlearn any unhealthy habits by learning new, uplifting, healthy ones. It is also possible to find out why do you make unhealthy choices, and how to develop the skills and habits of self-care and matured self-love.

Of course it is easier to do this with the compassionate and strategic help of a trained Health Coach or Mentor. That is why there are more and more of us. Find out who you resonate with the most, who you can work with best to reach your goals.

Life is so precious…

What is your choice?

I am here to help you develop more self-awareness,
soulfulness and recognize body-wisdom.


For your well-being and happiness,


Kripāmaya A.K.
Holistic Mentor, Certified Eating Psychology Coach