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  • if you believe that you have the right to feel good in your body, and in your whole life;
  • if you want to take your life in your own hands and you need clear, simple guidance and uplifting encouragement;
  • if you are looking for a source of inspiration, and trustworthy, positive information;
  • if you are looking for real solution to your challenges with eating, digestion, fatigue, weight loss concerns, stress and life management.


With a completely new approach to body-mind-soul relationship, nutrition and health, I will help you make a lasting change with natural methods, so you can finally feel good again! 

Hi, I am Kripāmaya,
Holistic Mentor -

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
Dipl. Psycho-Pedagogue
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

I work with people who are looking for natural, lasting solution to their stress, digestive, dietary and weight loss concerns and want to achieve health, personal growth, better performance, in a sustainable way.

We experience true happiness, health and personal fulfillment through the harmonious alignment of body, mind, heart and soul.

I help people like you


stress eating, emotional eating, overeating, body weight, body image, self- image, food craving, chronic dieting, meal skipping, fighting appetite, low energy, fatigue, digestive issues, and more.

I also help

with challenges such as:

mood issues, sensitivity, lack of self-confidence, sadness, grief, loss of inspiration, stress, activity management, as well as the assimilation and integration of near death experiences (NDEs).

I can teach you


and bring about lasting results, make a change that can allow beautiful changes to come into your life beyond  your expectation.

I assist you


to appreciate yourself, to find your voice, to get your enthusiasm back, to reconnect with your inner resources from where you can give and embrace life again.




  • could feel better in your skin and be calmer and more confident;
  • have more energy, and  know how to relax and when to rest;
  • know what to eat to feel stronger, to think clearer;
  • enjoy your meals and have no fear of food;
  • help your body find its ideal weight without starving it, or constantly counting calories;
  • have new habits that are serving your self-esteem;
  • receive more love and appreciation in all area of your life;
  • are more effective and successful in your professional life ;
  • access your talents and potential ...


... for the joy of your own self and of the world

Are you ready to open a new chapter in your life and write this chapter about making your life worthy and sacred?

You don't have to do it alone.

You can shorten the path to your goals and wellbeing.

Don't forget, you came here to bloom and blossom.


"Your knowledge of mind-body nutrition is rooted in life-wisdom and love. You can facilitate insight, orientation and development in challenging times.

I highly recommend you as a coach."


"I'm calmer, more confident and I start believing in myself, in my opportunities and life again.
Thank you Kripāmaya."


"I recommend everyone to contact you who want to learn how to focus on their inner voice, how to look a little inward, how to listen to their intuitions and their feelings."


"Already at the first meeting, it was clear the kind of attention, patience, and acceptance she was mapping my current state out with. The harmony and love that emanates from her, her mere presence, creates a space in which I can open up with full confidence."


With Love


In an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, you can feel safe to open up.

As a confidant and a friend, I will stand by you in your endeavors and attempts.

You can count on my good sense of humor and discretion.

No matter how small your success is on the way, we will celebrate it.


Believe it-, a day will come soon, when you will always find something to celebrate.

What do I offer? How is it different?

  • A free 20-30-minute consultation - without commitment in order to explore your needs
  • For your convenience - we can work together on the phone, online or in person
  • Get a complete picture - our first meeting includes a thorough and careful conversation of at least 90 minutes to get to know your personality as well as past and present circumstances
  • Unique as you are - you will get customized, unique guidance and tasks
  • Easy to follow - I teach you easy to follow and implement Body-Mind Nutrition strategies
  • Help if you get stuck - I offer a free 10-15 minute free phone consultation between two meetings
  • Full discretion - I treat what was said at the meetings with the greatest discretion

What makes my mentoring service unique?

  • My unique, up-to-date qualifications;
  • My deep empathy, my intuitive, creative thinking;
  • My own journey for healing;
  • My practice in teaching and education;
  • My ability to share my knowledge and experience in a usable/applicable way;
  • More than seventeen years of life and work experience abroad in an international, multicultural environment;
  • My world travels;
  • My own spiritual journey and about twenty-five years of practicing meditation;
  • Respecting the Universal Laws in my way of living and working;
  • My goal, is for you to reach your goals as soon as possible.

The Main Methods I Use During My Work

My work combines the powerful fields of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. The skills I use from my Training are a combination of practical coaching techniques, results-oriented positive psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind body science, and a soulful and compassionate approach to challenges with food and health.

I also apply Spiritual Response Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique with excellent results.


Mind-Body Nutrition & Dynamic Eating Psychology - a new and uplifting approach to nutrition, food, body, and our relationship to ourselves.

Each of us has a unique, fascinating, and ever changing relationship with food. 

Dynamic Eating Psychology affirms the primary importance of this relationship. It sees our challenges with eating, weight, and health not as an indication that we're broken, but as a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.


No two people are the same

Our metabolism is unique, so are our circumstances, eating habits, genetics, personality, our beliefs, experiences, career pressures, favorite foods, family dynamic, and even our microbiome (gut bacteria). Therefore I work with each one of my clients in a unique way depending on their own challenges, stories and greater goals.

Let's start with scheduling a free 30 minute phone conversation to find out how we can work together.


Online reservation

Book your session. We will confirm your reservation via email.

Please mention your current time zone or the country you are contacting from.

Thank you!


We take care of your personal data with utmost care, as we would take care of our own personal data.

Let's start with scheduling a free 30 minute phone conversation to find out how we can work together.


Online reservation

Book your session. We will confirm your reservation via email.

Please mention your current time zone or the country you are contacting from.

Thank you!


WHAT IS Dynamic Eating Psychology Coaching and Holistic Mentoring with me?

  • Your own personalized private workshop.
  • Your professionally and lovingly assisted journey to a more complete self-knowledge, a greater awareness, self-healing and personal fulfillment.



  • Not a Quick Fix
  • Not Psychotherapy
  • Not a Weight-loss Diet Program
  • Not Dieting


In my Holistic Mentoring practice I provide you with a program which serves your whole being, the harmonious alignment of the body, mind, heart and soul. This integrative approach can lead to true healing.


FREE 30 min call

in order to explore your concerns and goals, as well as to find out whether or not we would be a good fit to work together.

The First Session

90 Minutes

A thorough and careful conversation to get to know your personality as well as past and present circumstances.

Following sessions

60 Minutes sessions

A personalized program at your pace. In person, on telephone, or online.

NDE Integration

Assimilate and integrate your Near Death Experiences into your consciousness and your everyday life.
As Private Mentoring.




4-week Program

Introduction to Holistic Lifestyle for health, healing and greater self-awareness.

The Slow Down Diet

An 8-week Breakthrough Program

Eating for Pleasure, Energy & Weight Loss

This program can transform you relationship to food, body and more.

Based on the book of Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Workshops, Lectures

Tailored programs for Wellness and Yoga Retreats, for Small Enterprises and Corporate Organizations.


As a coach and mentor, I serve you with all my attention, deep empathy, all my knowledge and my rich life experience. I offer you inspiration, encouragement and easy-to-apply tools and methods to enable yourself to find your health, harmony and joy in your being.

As someone who

had struggled over decades with digestive issues and its consequences, I understand very well the tremendous effort it takes just to stay afloat, to "look normal" and to keep up with others. A million times the question echoed in my mind: Why? Why? Why?

Sometimes I wished to have never had a perfect, light, clear, energetic, empowered day, so that I would not have the frustration of the comparison with my disabled, sickish or sick days.

But in truth, the memories of those "perfect" days, and the sometimes appearing better days, had supplied me with the faith and strength to strive for improvement. At least for a long time …

Then the 'dark hour of the soul' - as they say - came when I wanted to give up. 'I am throwing in the towel', I said to God or the Universe, many times. Too many times I felt as if life itself pinned both my shoulders to the mat. I couldn't surrender. I prayed for to die.

My prayers were not answered. (I haven't been granted with that boon.) I always woke up in the morning. And my love for life was a thousand times renewed. Sometimes only a tiny flame of hope was left there for me, just enough to survive another day. The daily torment of Prometheus and Sisyphus I felt was going through so many times.

If not for meditation and prayer, and my inborn faith that I am here for a purpose, I certainly would not be here. If not for regarding myself as a soul, as an evolving consciousness, I would certainly not be here.

And even if cried rivers onto my pillow and asked to not wake up in the morning anymore, somewhere deep, deep, deep inside, I knew that my plea would not be granted.

For I know so very well that we are here to blossom in our uniqueness.

I have never believed in suffering. Never. And even if I went through many experiences like that, I was determined to break the "spell".

When you have a problem with your body, you go to see a doctor, a physician. If you are not satisfied with his/her opinion, treatment, and the result, and the problem keeps coming back, and you don't see any constructive, creative approach to your symptoms, you need to start your own exploration, your own journey in search for health, balance and joy. Then you will learn things about yourself that you feel, you should have been taught in the primary school.

Therefore I have dedicated myself to raising awareness on holistic health and self-care, to prevent and end unnecessary sufferings, and inspire those who seek solution to their problems at a deeper and higher level.

Main qualifications


Certified Mind Body Eating Coach
2018, Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Colorado, USA


Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200 hrs TT Program
2015, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio, San Diego, CA, USA


Spiritual Response Therapy (I-II), Practitioner
2014, 2016, Spiritual Response Association


The Reconnective Healing (I-II), Practitioner
2010, The Reconnection, by Eric Pearl


Diploma in Psycho-pedagogy (4ys Training College)
1991, B.G. Training College, Budapest, HU


The SILVA 2 day Ultra Seminar
1991, by Rosa Rivas

Embark safely on a new journey towards a more fulfilling and more meaningful life!


Phone: +36 70 931 4857  (Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp as well)

Skype: @kripamaya


It is my honor and privilege to assist you in your life's journey at the important phase you are in
right now.