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A healthy lifestyle can be cool and fun!

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especially if you are a teacher, educator, a healthcare professional, or a helping professional. Equally importantly if you are a private person, a parent, or a grandparent, or just like anyone, trying to make the best out of your life.

We have to UPDATE our views and toolkit regarding health and wellbeing.

Bring a pen and paper, prep a glass of water, open your heart and enjoy the meeting.

It is good to know how to take steps for your general well-being in a holistic way.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Your host, Kripāmaya

Holistic Well-being Mentor
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Dipl. Pszicho-pedagogue
Meditation Instructor
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

About your host

Kripāmaya inspires and teaches people to look at their lives from a higher perspective and to allow love and creativity inspire their choices and decisions.

With her formal studies, diploma in psycho-pedagogy, certifications, decades of learning, self-education, self-healing, 25+ years of work experiences, and a colorful, rich life experience, guided by inner commitment and enthusiasm she is working now as a full-time Holistic Well-being Mentor.

She started adult education in 1991 when she taught her own 36-hour training material to newly and recently assumed self-employed fellows. Teaching foundational skills of communication, basic knowledge of psychology and negotiation techniques, telephone communication, self-knowledge as well as other related practical skills.

She also worked as Personal Assistant to United Nations Ambassador Permanent Representatives at the Permanent Mission of Nepal and then at the Permanent Mission of South Africa to the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland from 2000 to 2015.

She has been practicing Integral Yoga, a combination of meditation, sports, music and reading, studying spiritual-philosophical literature, since 1994.

Kripāmaya has been offering lectures and classes on meditation, and healthy, spiritual lifestyle since 1995, in the US and Europe.

She is most interested in encouraging and empowering those who are ready to bring out their best from within.

What others say

I created this WEBINAR FOR YOU

if you want to get a clear picture of some concepts, like health, well-being, holistic.

And let me ask,

🌿 have you ever drawn up your definition of ‘health’ and ‘well-being’? 

🌿 are you conscious about it, and making your choices and decisions to have a beautiful, dynamic, vibrant, creative life now and later, well into your most mature age?

🌿 why is it good for you to learn about it?

MY GOAL with this webinar FOR YOU IS

  1.  to inspire and encourage you to do more for your health and general well-being in a natural, holistic way and show you that ‘healthy’ can be cool and fun;
  2.  to empower you to take more responsibility for your health;
  3. to help you to be proactive on your journey to well-being, especially in this fast-paced, challenging time, we are living right now.


  1. – a clear idea about the holistic approach on health
  2. – understanding why it is important to take charge of your health
  3. – understanding how you can take charge of your health
  4. – feeling empowered to do something for yourself
  5. – some tips on how to tap into you inner wisdom

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This online webinar is not intended to treat or prevent any disease/illness, it’s an information session created by Kripamaya Mentoring e.U., to share information for educational purposes only to help and support the implementation of a healthy lifestyle and habits through mind-body-soul balance.

It is not intended to replace medical care and supervision. Always check with your physician if you have questions about your health condition, medication, check-ups, etc.